For the execution of this project, a multidisciplinary team was formed by dst, the project coordinator, and the partners, Higher Technical Institute, University of Minho and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Domingos da Silva Teixeira, S.A., a dstgroup company that carries out its activity in the engineering and construction sector, in which it is one of the main players at a national level, operating transversally in the areas of civil construction, infrastructures, water, environment and energy.

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Higher Technical Institute, namely CERIS - Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability research centre, whose mission is to contribute to the development of society and to promote Higher Education of quality.

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The University of Minho, namely the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE) is a Research and Development Centre created in 2007 involving the Civil Engineering Departments of the University of Coimbra and the University of Minho. ISISE's vision is to increase the structural and functional performance of Civil Engineering Works, from a perspective of advanced technology, innovation and knowledge-based economy, ranging from materials to integral systems with a life cycle approach. ISISE currently comprises around 160 researchers, including a large percentage of PhD students. Recently, ISISE was evaluated by FCT - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and classified as EXCELLENT.

ISISE has specialised valences for the development of innovative products for the construction sector. The research activities carried out at the Institute are mainly divided into four research groups: Steel and mixed construction technologies (SMCT) and Functional performance (FP) at the University of Coimbra; Historic masonry structures (HMS) and Structural composites (SC) at the University of Minho.

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology - The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, an international reference university with a scientific and technological profile.